Welcome to our WORLD in Torino, Italy


As a company built on creativity and a strong sisterly bond, Marta Scarampi was founded by two sisters, Marta and Lucia, with the goal of bringing the contemporary Slow Fashion Concept to the next level, creating limited-edition collections with quality fabrics produced and sourced in their home country of Italy.
The sisters founded the brand with the idea of doing something unexpected from a place no one would expect. Using the elegance of Torino and the edge of New York as a source of inspiration, all the clothes are intentionally designed to embrace individuality, allowing women to #beunique.





Italian fashion designer, Marta Scarampi is at the center of Torino’s creative fashion scene. After discovering a love for sewing during childhood, Marta was determined to take her skills to the next level, studying fashion design at New York’s famed F.I.T. to then return to Italy debuting her production Atelier in December 2012. By mid-2013 customers were clamoring for a ready-to- wear line and Marta got to work creating her own collection with a couture twist, giving clients the ability to personalize made-to-order pieces.



Marta Scarampi when asked  "Who do you design for?" 

“Oh, wow! All women! (laughs) I design based on the feedback I receive from my clients. I feel very strongly that comfort comes first along side with feeling good in a dress.  The beauty of my collections are that garments can be personalized. I give the option (within a framework) of having the length of the dresses vary, the neckline, the sleeves, they can also at times change fabric… It's the dress that has to adapt to women, not the women to the dress."



 We see the choices we make as opportunities to earn your trust.
We believe in quality, and that extends beyond our product.
It's about creating relationships that last and making sure that
you enjoy life while feeling good about yourself.